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And this is where we’re at.

Ian’s been thinking about this stuff for a while, of course:  if you know St Peter’s Saltley Trust, you’ll know that discipleship has always been central to us.    As for me – Simon – well, I’m brand new in post and feeling my way into a new ‘world’ after working in health and social care since 1994.   I’m fascinated by the differences and similarities between the church and health and social care, and I’ll be tempted to blog about some of that during the project.

This week our project Reference Group meets for the first time.   We’ve formed some ideas about how the project will unfold: at the same time, with serious theologians and practitioners on that group, we don’t want to close down many avenues before we’ve had their advice.

In the meantime, for me, it’s thinking, reading and planning.   There are different ideas of discipleship and Christian growth scattered across the church and academia and this month is my chance to get my head round some of that.   From James Fowler’s work in faith development theories to the big church surveys of Willow Creek in the USA, our research will be influenced by what others have already done in nearby territory.

We’re keen to make this project visible to everyone.    As an organisation, St Peters Saltley Trust is well networked, but when it comes to discipleship there could easily be knowledge or initiatives hidden away.   It would be a shame if we missed out on some great learning, or an existing initiative.   So, we intend to be pretty active about letting people know what’s going on, and if you’re willing to tell others about the project, we’d be delighted.

If you care about this area, subscribe to the blog, share with others, and get involved in the discussions as they unfold.    Help this project come to life!


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